Results - Saturday, September 10, 2016

Youth Sieger: Mitternadt’s Smokie Jordie
Youth Siegerin: Akita Earl Antonius
Best Male Puppy: Huey vom Jacobi Haus
Best Female Puppy: Solo von der Brown

Male 4-6 Month
VP1 Hero the American Patriot

Male 6-9 Month
VP1 Huey vom Jacobi Haus (Best Male Puppy)
VP2 Stalter’s Odin
VP3 Krafthaus’ Ain’t No Tyr in My Beer
VP4 Saxony’s Bringing Down the House
P Saxony’s Tearing It Up

Male 9-12 Month
V1 Icco De Breogan

Male 12-18 Month
V1 Mitternacht’s Smokie Jordie (Youth Sieger)
V2 Yegor von Ruelmann
V3 Gambill’s In It to Win It
V4 Dartanian vom Hocklasse Ll

Female 4-6 Month
VP1 White Dragon’s Celina vom Mana Haus

Female 6-9 Month
VP1 Krafthaus’ Don’t Hate Me Because You Ain’t Me
VP2 Xyla von Kaden
VP3 Saxony’s Something to Brag About

Female 9-12 Month
VP1 Solo von der Brown (Best Female Puppy)
VP2 Stalter’s Gaia

Female 12-18 Month
V1 Maleficent von Scosher
V2 Troya is Rojaus Slenio
V3 Babette vom Hocklasse Ll
V4 Max Mara von Hause Kigen
V Envy on Point von Krafthaus

Female 18-24 Month
V1 Akita Earl Antonius (Youth Siegerin)
V2 Grace vom Jacobi Haus
V3 Krafthaus’ Light Before the Dawn
SG4 Krafthaus’ Kimber Gonna Get Ya

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